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Farmed fresh just for you. It's Organic, don't panic.  

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We want to bring the freshest produce to you. That's why it's so important to us to bring it from the farm to your table that same day. 

Certified Organic

We are Organic food is better for your family’s health and the planet. Buying organic is a direct investment in the future of our food system, so it’s a choice you can feel good about. 


Support your local farmers, come visit us at the Farmer's Market! Our Farm is located in Salinas, CA. 

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About Us

A Salinas native, Stevie takes pride in having pursued a career in farming. The interest started young; he became involved in local 4-H and FFA (Future Farmers of America) programs, where he was introduced to the world of dirty boots and hard work.

After being started on a quarter acre of land, Stevie now works successfully on five acres, with plans to incorporate more land soon. Stevie’s own desire for organic produce paired alongside ALBA’s commitment to ecological land management has given him the tools to manage his farm with both economic viability and sustainability in mind. Stevie grows over 30 varieties of vegetables, and has gained a reputation at local farmers’ markets for his gleaming rows of produce.

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