Without our amazing team, we wouldn’t be where we are today. From being at the farm to representing at Farmer’s Markets, we have the best of the best!

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Stevie Hall

Stevie Hall’s interest in agriculture started in high school where he raised animals in Future Farmers’ of America and the local 4-H Club, learning ownership and responsibility with the animals at a young age. While at Hartnell College he took classes in crop production and food safety. Stevie received college credit when he took a part-time field position at the USDA Agricultural Research Service and subsequently learned the tools needed to start his own farm.

Hall began farming on a half-acre while juggling school and work. Over the next five years, he became committed to becoming a full-time farmer. Stevie now has five acres in Spreckels, CA, and now grows more than 30 varieties of fruits and vegetables. He sells at local farmers’ markets and other wholesale outlets.